Visionary Leadership

Graduates should have the ability to “break the mold” in devising solutions to problems. Specifically, graduates should be able to:

  • devise creative solutions to complex problems;
  • utilize multiple resources in designing programs and policies;
  • articulate a vision and marshal support for its pursuit.

Call Campaign
In any admission office at any university the primary goal is to enroll your admitted students by utilizing a variety of methods. The Office of Admission at the University of La Verne decided to implement a call campaign where students from our student government and campus activities programming board called all of our admitted students. We thought it would be conventional for our newest admits to speak to current students at the university and ask any questions they may not want to ask the admission staff.

I recruited the students, created schedules and provided the students with call scripts. After volunteering for a number of hours the students were given “In N Out” gift cards as a thank you.  See call script and program outline for details.

Call Campaign Program Outline

Call Campaign Phone Script

Time Management & Study Skills in Residence Halls
In CSA 571, Student Learning in the Co-curriculum, my colleagues and I were given a scenario entailing a complex problem that needed a creative solution. Our mission was to devise a program that would assist students with time management and academic support in the residence halls. Students are experiencing a major change in their social and academic lives and therefore need additional support to assist them in their integration, especially when living on campus (Astin, 1993 and Tinto, 1993). By utilizing multiple sources on campus we stated that students would not only be able to improve their academic performance and become more responsible in time management, but they would also develop self-awareness of personal boundaries as well as figuring out their own effective learning style.

Our proposed semester-long program entails students working one-on-one with academic counselors (faculty volunteers) to create their own schedule and stick to it. A pre-test and post-test would be used to measure the effectiveness of the program. A more detailed explanation of the program can be found in our PowerPoint presentation: Res Life Time Management Program

Leadership Philosophy
Being a leader does not just include being a supervisor or a lead project manager – it means more than that; it is how you carry yourself and how you set an example to others. It entails integrity and integrity is rooted in identity and faith (Bolman and Deal, p. 42). And according to Kouzes and Posner, “leadership is a relationship.”

My leadership philosophy entails utilizing the relationships of fellow employees and resources, upholding my integrity and applying my faith. When working on projects, regardless of the size I try to ask for multiple opinions – including those of the students. For example, in the recent publication of the University of La Verne’s view book, we incorporated the ideas and opinions of the students’ as we were designing the layout.

In addition, I try my best to maintain good character and integrity by being a role model to students. When working for Associated Students, Inc. at Cal Poly Pomona and supervising 20 students, despite our office’s somewhat odd hours of operation and dress attire, I made sure to arrive on time each day and dress professionally. When I held our student staff accountable for arriving to work on time and dressing appropriately, I knew I could not do this unless I was an example.

Leadership Philosophy
Leadership Style


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