Effective Campus and Community Relationships

Graduates should be able to relate effectively with a wide range of people. Specifically, students should be able to demonstrate relational and professional competence:

  • in relating across cultural boundaries with many different kinds of people;
  • in relating across functional boundaries with people of widely varied roles within higher education;
  • as representatives of the institutions they serve to those within the larger community.

Visiting California High Schools and Attending College Fairs

Each fall season, I travel all over Los Angeles County, the Central Coast and the Central Valley to speak to prospective college students at their high schools and at college fairs about the University of La Verne. The students I speak with come from a wide range of environments and a variety of schools. I visit charter schools, preparatory schools and magnet schools in both urban and affluent areas. Paulsen’s ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report (1990) states three chief categories that play into a student’s college choice: sociological, psychological and economical.  Therefore, I am able to understand that different students have different motives weighing in on their college choice. I am typically able to gauge what these factors are when talking to these students. This allows me to focus on providing them with information that is important to them.

Professional Organization Involvement
As a member of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC), I have been able to volunteer on two committees that have connected me with colleagues outside of my institution. As a committee member of the Greater Los Angeles Spring 2010 College Fair, I am currently working with high school counselors and college counselors from within the area to organize this two-day college fair by providing assisting in public relations. As a member of the Publications Committee, I work with colleagues to write, edit, design and publish a quarterly newsletter sent to WACAC members. The first issue I assisted with will be out the first week of May 2010.

Golfcarts: A necessity for concert planning on a large campus!

Two-Day Concert Programming and Promotion
During the start of my marketing career at Associated Students Inc at Cal Poly Pomona, the institution agreed to host The Bamboozle Left, a two-day music festival run by an outside company. This was a massive undertaking, as the marketing and programming departments at ASI worked long hours to promote the concert by working with local radio stations, newspapers, concert venues and community leaders. The event affected the entire campus community due to the thousands of visitors. We worked with the Public Relations Office to promote the event, Campus Police to secure the site, facilities to reserve spaces and ensure we had proper resources and of course campus administrators. The concert drew in more than 14,000 fans. With an event of this size, I had the chance to meet staff on campus I would not usually work with, as well as gaining concert planning experience.

Bamboozle Left Press Release


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