Budgeting and Fiscal Management

Graduates should possess an understanding of and appreciation for the dynamics involved in utilizing financial resources in the implementation of student affairs programs and services. Specifically, students should be able to:

  • develop and defend a budget to support a student affairs program;
  • perform all of the functions necessary to access and manage those resources which have been dedicated to a student affairs program.

Five Star Tour Attendees

Five Star Tour Attendees

Five Star Tour
The Five Star Tour is a college tour for high school counselors with Mount St. Mary’s, California Institute of the Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Marymount College, Chapman University and the University of La Verne. Last December was the first year for La Verne to host the Five Star Tour and I was the lead event planner, yet I had never experienced the tour myself.

I went by the previous host’s expenses and was determined to cut costs. By booking guest flights early and collaborating with The Ritz Carlton for the opening dinner and accommodations, we were able to save more than $5,000 from last year’s event. In addition to costs incurred by the colleges which mostly included renting a coach bus and a closing dinner, I booked all guest flights, all guest accommodations, the opening dinner and took care of logistics such as travel guidelines, invitations, guest reimbursements and all guest communication. The total budget for this event was just over $46,000. Include breakdown of expenses spreadsheet and event overview description.

Five Star 2009 Event Overview

Five Star 2008 2008 Budget

Information Reception Proposal
A couple of years ago, the University of La Verne began to hold information receptions at hotels in the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties. These receptions are intended for students and their families who find it more convenient to learn more about the university at a closer location than the campus and during the evening when most guardians are able to attend. Last year, however, we planned a multitude of on-campus and off-campus events during the same time these receptions were planned and the attendance was lower than expected. Our rationale for the low attendance is that we planned too many events in close proximity to each other.

For the course, Administration in Higher Education, I created a proposal to keep these same information sessions with an admission representative, faculty member, student and/or alumni present, but move them further away to the Central Coast and Central Valley. The costs would be the same, if not less expensive than the previously planned receptions and it would be more logical to plan receptions that are further away from the campus as there will be more students who have less of a chance to visit La Verne. An admission officer would already be in the area for high school visits and college fairs, the only additional costs would be for a faculty member to drive up and his/her accommodations and food as well as for mileage reimbursement and dinner for any local alumni who are able to attend the receptions.

Info Reception Budget Proposal

Project Budgets
As a marketing assistant for a marketing and graphic design studio at Cal Poly Pomona, I assisted with projects for our clients. On a regular basis, we had close to about 25 projects a week that came through our doors. For each project, we created a work order form that was initially created to list what the client’s intentions of the project were along with an ideal budget. Next, using invoicing software, an estimate was created for all services rendered (ie graphic design, printing, copy editing, Web design) and went over our plan and budget with the client. After the plan and budget was approved, the job was complete and then billed. This was used on a daily basis and trained several of our student staff who was our operations managers how to do the same process. Click here for the forms used.


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